Why Your Business Should Outsource Social Media Marketing

Everyone is used to posting on social media. Your Uncle Joseph has an Instagram account dedicated to his cat Sparkles. Your friend Vanessa uses Facebook to sell organic bath bombs. You love winding down with TikTok at the end of the day. Social media is easy, right? You don't need to hire somebody else to handle your company's social media presence. That's a simple mistake to make, and it could end up making you miss out on clients, money, and time. Here is why you should outsource your social media to an agency:


Social Media Marketing is an ever-changing landscape. Agency experts know exactly what size a Facebook banner needs to be for the best resolution, what trends are being saved on Pinterest, and whether TikTok is a good way to capture a younger audience's attention! You can breathe more easily at night knowing somebody else can take care of Twitter hashtags. At the same time, you focus on the business at hand, growing your business!

Save Time

The old adage that time is money is also true for social media marketing. Business moves fast and social media moves even faster. While you have an important pitch to prep, a client may be on Twitter waiting for a response. That response could lead to a sale or long-lasting business relationship. 40% of customers expect a brand to respond to a social media inquiry or interaction within the first hour of reaching out!

Save Money

Do you have the money to purchase the latest tech to make your social media campaigns stand out? Licenses for tools like Canva, Shutterstock, and Hootsuite add up fast. Additionally, you would have to pay an employee to learn how to use these different programs to their full potential. It's far easier to keep track of spending when your agency fee covers everything you need to make your online businesses shine!

See Results

A social media agency is best suited for knowing how to produce your desired outcomes. With the analytics and metrics in place to show you what your campaign is achieving, you can see your customer base and profits grow in real-time. This way, you aren't wasting any resources on campaigns that don't work for your business!


An agency can produce additional marketing extras such as re-writing your website copy to help put your best foot forward! Social media works best when it is cohesive with your brand's voice and unique style. Let your agency undertake a digital audit of every channel and ensure you are saying what you want to be saying to consumers!

Outsource Social Media to Truly A Diamond Media

You know social media marketing is the key way to help your business expand. Here at Truly A Diamond Media, we create legendary brands for your business. 2020 has held challenges for many companies. We have been here to help you with your outsourcing needs using our unique blend of creativity and outstanding customer service. Reach out for your free 15-minute consultation call!

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