5 Tips to Market Your Online Business on Social Media

There are 5 important components to take into account when marketing your business or service to an audience on social media. There is no one fits all when it comes to strategy and marketing. When it is done correctly, you can see a major improvement and will start seeing the revenue increase based on your content.

Here are 5 tips to start focusing on when creating your social media strategy:

Create your brand's purpose

Not having a brand is like being a business-owner without products. You must take a look at the mission, values and vision of your business. Naturally, you will develop a style and voice that shows your audience who you are and what you stand for.

Find your voice & Tone

Start with your purpose and determine how your message integrates with your goals as a brand. People want to see authenticity and feel a part of a two way conversation. 

Post consistently

Post a least once per day and stay consistent. This will help your audience grow and anticipate when they can view your content away from your competitor. Allow your audience analytics help with what you decide to post and when.

Add value to your context

Have a visual on what emotion your want your audience to feel as they view your content. You need to create a customer persona. Once you have this ready, identify what elements of your message would be thumb stopping and get them to read and listen.

Monitor engagement

All businesses are different and unique to what marketing strategies will work for them. They actually do produce different outcomes. Conversion metrics and analytics will ultimately help you gauge what needs to be tweaked or amped up. 

As I stated before and as I will say over and over again. The same marketing strategies a competitor may use that is working for them may not give you the same results and that will have to discouraged and wondering what you are doing wrong. Be authentic and be relatable. That is what sells.

Here is a link to a social media planner that will help you get on the path to figure out who you are and what you want from your audience:


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