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Automation Specialist Job Description

The automation specialist role maximizes the productivity & efficiency of the team by building & maintaining the technological infrastructure of the company.

They work to create a robust, comprehensive systems backend, and automate it as much as possible. The application code word is: Wizard. They innovate freely to find & design opportunities for additional automation, and work with the rest of the systems team to ensure their improvements integrate seamlessly with the day-to-day execution of the business.

They are also responsible for fixing technological issues when they break, and supporting the rest of the team with tech support as needed.

This remote position is part-time with immediate potential to move full-time.

The automation wizard works closely with our Operations Manager to ensure that all assets and resources are put in place when designs are complete.

What This Job Entails

- Act as a troubleshooter for automation equipment including Zapier to Make (Integromat) ranging from simple to complex
- Thoroughly document all processes & automations built.
- Implementing, working and troubleshooting automation maps.
- Maintain Marketing Automation integration with CRM and assist in the integration of additional platforms into the marketing automation software
- Work with management to define KPIs, create reporting, analyze campaign performance. Create recommendations to improve campaigns continuously.
- Manage marketing automation efforts and processes, proactively researching and implementing the latest best practices, strategies, and industry standards
- Plan and perform A/B testing to define and execute enhancements to productivity, conversion rates, programs/campaign ROI, and sales growth
- Support essential marketing operations initiatives in Make such as managing the lead lifecycle, lead scoring, lead nurturing, segmentation, and data cleansing.

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